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We can teach you to manage emotions at work and reduce the stress from difficult encounters.

There are ways to handle stresses that will lead to:
      • Better management of your own reactions and responses
      • Improved handling of ‘difficult people’
      • Increased satisfaction and enjoyment at work

I'm John Faisandier

I became aware that many professionals, such as veterinary workers, can become overwhelmed by the emotional turmoil that happens in their lives, both at work and at home. There are many stressful human interactions that can drag you down. They infect the pleasurable parts of the work so that the things you used to enjoy about working in veterinary care get swamped by the difficult emotional storms that knock you off your feet leaving you struggling.

You don’t need to keep going on like this. It’s for these very reasons that I created the TUF: Thriving Under Fire training program. I’ve been working for over 25 years with highly stressed professionals like veterinarians to help them gain the knowledge and skills that nobody else had ever taught them.
Veterinarians have a report on the stresses involved and what they can do about it.
for other sectors find out more about TUF Thriving Under Fire training 

Veterinary workers: get your free report now on the 10 major stressors that those in the veterinary industry are facing and why it's important to do something about it.

Service to the World:
3rd International Youth Summit

For the past seven years Thriving Under Fire has been supporting soft skills training in South Asia in particular Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. 
We continue to be partners with Workplace Skills Development Academy (WSDA) and are actively supporting the 3rd International Youth Summit (Virtual) 
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