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This Covid-19 crisis is a testing time for all. I do hope you and your team are well.

Some maybe working hard in essential services while others maybe staying at home, receiving pay and doing little or nothing. But they don’t have to. There is an opportunity for professional development that you wouldn’t normally get.

What we know is that the lockdown and pandemic fears can generate a range of emotions in people. This causes problems both at home and at work. You want people to do well during the lockdown and be ready to go when we start the post-lockdown recovery.

There will be a lot of stressed and upset people and conflict will surely arise in the next few weeks.

That’s where we can help. The TUF Online Training is proving to be an effective way for people to improve their skills at managing strong emotions, their own and others. These emotions can lead to conflict and escalate into time consuming problems that are avoidable.

We know that budgets will also be severely affected by the lockdown. So as part of our contribution to good mental health and giving people the skills to be kind to one another we are offering our online programme at a hugely reduced rate.

We are taking 75% off the normal price of $497 and offering the full programme with the follow up reminders and other benefits for just $124.25 pp (plus GST)

We are offering this to you first because you are on our mailing list and we know that you appreciate the work we do.

If you are unsure of the effectiveness of the online version of the course check out these testimonials and results.

This course is by far the best de-escalation course I have seen – my congratulations to the people who put this together -it needs to be compulsory – with regular updates.
Greg West (Registered Nurse)
Acute Inpatient Service
Nelson Marlborough Health Service.

 “I’ve been working in this job for 35 years, we now have to do a huge amount of online training and I hate it. I loathe online training!” She exclaimed and then she softened. “But your program was different, I enjoyed doing it and I really learned something.”
Survey interviewer in a government department

 “The boys are loving it!”
Andy Garvie
Managing Director at Tidy Slabs Ltd. (Over 12 of their foremen, labourers and office staff have done the course.)

Get in touch now to get your people involved. They will love you for it.

Stay safe

John Faisandier

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Use this Code at checkout to get the special price: Covid-19

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